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Diameter Measurement System

Xonox Technology GmbH


Jede Technologie braucht ihre Schnittstelle zum Menschen. Ihre Hauptaufgaben sind es den Schutz des Benutzers als auch der Technik zu bieten, fehlerhafte Handhabungen zu vermeiden, intuitive Bediehnbarkeit zu gewährleisten und Komplexität in Übersichtlichkeit zu wandeln. Gestaltung des Gehäuses inklusive der Bedienelemete. Ausführung in Aluminium, gelasert, gebogen, pulverbeschichtet.


Barcode scanner

Ishibashi Design


Barcodes and barcode readers play an essential role when it comes to processing and controlling complex data systems. This simple fact led to the development of a small and most importantly handy barcode scanner. The scanner transmits the information directly to another handheld device, such as a smart phone and therefore doesn’t need a display. This work has been developed during a 6-month work experience in Tokyo and was awarded the Good Design Award Japan 2009.

>>Concept, Design, Prototyping 

Barcode scanner

Otoscope stand

formart industrial design


The Otoscope by Orlvision is a camera used by otologists for special medical examinations of the patient’s ears. The Otoscope stand provides excellent support and therefore easy handling. The Otoscope stand has been designed to be able to use on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces.

Design and Visualization 

Otoscope stand



studio gross klein

made in Gießen


Leuchte L4 - für die hellen Momente im Leben. Bei diesem Produkt handelt es sich um ein Bauset für einen modernen nachhaltigen Lampenschirm. Seine Einzelteile sind aus Kartonplatten ausgestanzt und warten darauf von begeisterten Hobbybastlern zusammengebaut zu werden. Die Leuchte gibt es in zwei verschiedenen Farbvarianten. Für Leute die es rustikal und natürlicher mögen gibt es sie in braun und für die Leute, die es gerne hell und eleganter haben gibt es den Lampenschirm in weiß. Da bleibt nur noch die Frage offen: "Team rustikal oder Team elegant?" >> Produktentwicklung, Produktion, Vertrieb, Verpackung

leuchte L4

Bird feeder

ping-pong studio


This bird feeder transforms a bird’s worst enemy into a welcoming space for a picnic. Simba is made from curved stainless steel and consists of two parts. Two hooks provide space for two fat balls lending the cat its eyes. Simba has been produced as a limited edition of 500 pieces and has been sold worldwide.

>>Design, Realization, Production, Packaging, Distribution.


Inflatable bag



Hit the park and just get comfortable. Pneu is an inflatable and waterproof bag that can be converted into a comfortable seat pad. This technology is made possible by the airproof zipper and an ordinary valve. The idea was born during a competition held by the Hessian Agency (Hessenagentur) and awarded first prize.

>>Concept, Design, Prototype and tool construction, developing a prototype ready for serie construction in cooperation with manufacturers. 



Bike helmet

Diploma project 2009

Once a flat material has been folded it might not just become a three-dimensional shape, but its stability is increased remarkably.

The concept behind the foldable bike helmet Ka-Bu-To has been developed based on this fact. The inflatable cushions are automatically filled with air once the helmet is being brought into shape. The helmet provides sufficient air ventilation so you stay cool while riding through busy traffic.

Ka-Bu-To is Japanese and refers to the protective shield of the stag beetle as well as the traditional combat headgear worn by Samurais.

>> Idea, Concept, CAD-Visualization. 



made in Gießen


Wir wollen Sie hinter das Licht führen, für ein erhellendes Erlebnis.

Unser neues Exponat manipuliert Licht, um verborgene Strukturen in transparenten Kunststoff-Objekten Farbig sichtbar zu machen.

Hinter dieser magischen Performance, steht ein rein analoges Gerät, welches wir komplett aus recycelten Materialien umgesetzt haben.

Durch unsere langjährigen Erfahrungen aus dem Spielwarendesign, so wie unsere Liebe zu Phänomenen, wissen wir wie man Interesse bei Jung und Alt wecken kann. Drehen, Legen und Erforschen, durch den simplen Aufbau regt das Licht-Exponat zur Interaktion an. Wenn wir Ihre Neugier über unseren Exponat-Bau geweckt haben, kommen sie gerne auf uns zu. Wir wollen Sie ja nicht im Dunkeln stehen lassen. >>Entwurf, Entwicklung, Umsetzung, Fertigung 


KuKo - ball concept

olifu GmbH


Wooden balls are faszinating - and - the like to roll as much as they can. With KuKo we invented a pedagogical toy concept, where the ball is the central element.
Suddenly the ball becomes a construction tool or is used as a token in a game.
With the rings the balls becomes stackable, with the bars it is possible to build high structures. The clou is: all parts are harmonized so that they offer a lot of playing possibilitys.

>> Idea, realization, manufacturing attendance, play instruction


KuKo - ball concept

KUKO books

U3 vehicles (tricycle) 

olifu GmbH


Learning how to go from walking to riding a vehicle has always been a fascinating step in a child’s developmental process and one that should not be missed. Bikez Minis is a range of vehicles especially created by Olifu for children under 3 to be used in pedagogical institutions such as kindergartens and pre-schools. Because of their unique stability these bikes serve as reliable vehicles being used by many children day after day.

>>Design, Development, production supervision, quality control. 

Mini series


olifu GmbH


A small detail sets our Sandsieve apart from most others. The four legs not only give it the apperance of a small turtle, they also make it possible to use it when it's standing on the ground. It fits perfectly ontop olifu's Sand Bucket and of course it is stackable.

>>Design, development and production supervision


Cube jetties and plates

olifu GmbH


Put them in a line, pile them up or arrange them, as you like. We’ve created the perfect pyramid shaped plates and frames for our concept cubes. Tidying becomes a fun activity that even the smallest explorer can master. Whether it’s putting together colourful patterns, numbers, calculations, just words or whole sentences, our range of cubes offer many possibilities.

As all the elements are compatible with each other they can be used to create whole buildings and constructions.

Varnished Beechwood.

>> Sketches, design, realization and production supervision

Cube jetties and plates

Bau Dir Was Clips

olifu GmbH


The perfect extension for Bambula and Bau Dir Was game concepts of olifu GmbH to broaden the possibilities of constructing with these games. Wether it's flat geometric compositions like mandalas or architectural pieces of art, these five little clips expand the fun in many directions.

>> Design, realization and production supervision.

Bau Dir Was Clips


Fort for kids

Diploma project 2010

The initial thought behind Kadoki has been inspired by the idea that children are collecting and gathering their own construction materials. Usually kids go to the woods, collecting sticks and branches, transforming them into a secretive den with the help of fabrics and blankets. This simple click-in-system allows children to connect the different parts easily with one another, discovering the properties of static loading while the attached blanket, decorated with colourful strings, helps to transform the construction into the ultimate cosy den.

>>Design, Development, Prototype construction.


Unsere Maxime


Was zeichnet richtiges Design aus unserer Sicht aus:




- Richtiges Design sorgt für Wiedererkennung.

- Richtiges Design schafft Mehrwert.

- Richtiges Design bringt das Produkt zum Sprechen.

- Richtiges Design ist durchdacht.

- Richtiges Design entsteht durch Sorgfalt.

- Richtiges Design ist stabil.

- Richtiges Design ist ausgereift.

- Richtiges Design ist relevant.

- Richtiges Design kann repariert werden.

- Richtiges Design ist ressourcenschonend.

- Richtiges Design ist ansprechend.

- In richtigem Design steckt Liebe zum Detail.

- Richtiges Design ist auf das Wesentliche reduziert.

- Richtiges Design erzeugt Vertrauen.

- Richtiges Design ist Sicher.

- Richtiges Design macht Freude.

Our services cover the entire production process from generating an idea until market release. 

  • Briefing

  • Idea

  • Product Visualization

  • Prototyping

  • Development

  • Health and Safety

  • Tests

  • Networking

The beginning of every collaborative work process starts with a thorough briefing. Together with you we will find the answers to the most important question:

What? How? Where? When? Why?

After all relevant information has been gathered we will issue a scope statement, which will also serve as direct feedback to you. Afterwards we are happy to provide you with a complete offer, including all services necessary to realize your project.

The first briefing will be free of charge. 

Our talent lies in finding strong solutions and the development of new ideas. We are simply good at utilizing specific techniques and methodologies that have proven to be useful to our working process. We’ll pull out all the stops to generate a breadth of possible solutions to realize your project.

We make a pre-selection by reviewing the best ideas generated by our research in terms of their uniqueness whilst always keeping in mind each concepts individual authentic story.

We carefully capture the essence of this developmental process and present it to you exclusively. 

Creating a visual image of a product becomes necessary for a range of different reasons, especially if no complete model or prototype exists.

We create professional sketches and renderings as well as realistic 3D prototypes. Aside from making vector graphics, which are often used in user manuals, we provide info graphics, illustrations such as logos, as well as complete (children’s) books.

Thanks to our in-house photo studio we are able to provide you with a professional shooting of your products. For a first impression of our photographic work, click on project gallery.

In order to evaluate an idea it is useful to try it out on the small scale by producing a model or prototype. We can create a range of models for every phase and challenge of the design process. This can be a volume or functional model, an appearance prototype, architectural model or a 1:1 prototype.
Whether it’s paper, cardboard, wood, metal or synthetic materials, we can realize your prototype in our model workshop. We can also utilize technologies such as rapid prototyping, using 3D printers. 

To realize your project we’ll first start by collecting all relevant data, resolving the most important questions regarding the materials and the manufacturing method, but also considering quantities and your individual budget scope.

We’re in charge of coordinating this process, which will serve as the base from which we’re able to calculate all the relevant technical information for 3D-Cad-prototyping or 2D-construction plans. Communication with you and your manufacturer is key for us as it keeps the production process transparent and fluid. We’re making sure to keep all details in mind especially when it comes to taking care that all processes related to the individuality of each material, for example when working with injection moldes or wood are being respected.

We’re also happy to offer you the service of staying with your project all the way through to manufacturing. By overseeing your project from start to finish we’re able to react and create fast and creative solutions to any unpleasant surprises that might arise during manufacturing by making alterations to the process. This way we’re able to maintain the high quality of the overall concept throughout the final phase of your production process. 

We specialize in Toy design and manufacturing, a business strand that demands the highest health and safety standards from its products. With our additional qualification as certified professionals for toy health and safety we know which safety regulations need to be adhered to. Does the product need to be assembled after purchase or is the handling self-explanatory? We will figure these questions out for you by delving deep into the subject, creating assembly instructions or user manuals.

Function. Quality. Handling. Health and Safety. Enjoyment. Costumer Satisfaction.

Before going into manufacturing, a product needs to be tested. Testing a product is the only way we can detect any weaknesses beforehand. We can take care of carrying out the necessary tests, which means that the technical supervision stays under one roof and communication is immediate and efficient. 

Graphic designers, photographers, web designers, writers, marketing/strategy managers and programmers.

Thanks to our network of experts we are able to take on projects that exceed our core competences in product development. If desired we can bring together a flexible team, pooling all necessary expertise to work efficiently and making sure everyone is speaking the same language-yours!

Everything starts with your project idea! Feel free to contact us and tell us about it.


»We’re developing new ideas, refining existing products, valuing quality whilst rethinking old things anew.«

Studio gross klein stands for a passion for timeless and valuable products, whether in the materials, craftsmanship or function. Our work reflects a great interest in a holistic engagement with products, people and their environment.

Studio gross klein is an independent product design office based in Giessen. The team behind studio gross klein are: certified Product designers Falko Schnelle and Johannes Mühlig-Hofmann.

We offer several years of experience working in the field of product design, specializing in toys and children’s products. This experience has led us to collaborate and work internationally and has helped us to develop a great understanding of sales-related processes. The founding of studio gross klein was inspired by this involvement and especially our enthusiasm for great product design.

All aspects of product design – from generating an idea to the production process

We look at tried and tested products with a fresh perspective in order to help companies to conceive new ideas and create new concepts. You can rely on our long-term experience in the development and handling of products made from wood, metal and synthetic materials, with an expertise in respecting their idiosyncrasies. We know what it means to produce in Germany as well as overseas and are aware of the operational functions demanded by international manufacturers. As we are able to take on different tasks within the production process we can prevent detours, simplify the development and keep an over-all eye on the production process.

To put it simple; we are with you from the first sketch until market release date.

Click on service for more information, alternatively we’re happy to answer your queries directly.


Internship at studio gross klein

If you are interested in an internship at our studio and you are studying product design with the need to fullfill the compulsory internship, we are happy to recive your application. The next start will be in 2020 between July and October, with a prevered length of 6 month.

Please send your application and some of your work samples to:


studio gross klein
Product design

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